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Xbox Modding XBMC Install

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Xbox Modding XBMC Install

Post  Admin on Sat 28 Apr - 5:28

I've just updated my XBMC to the pimped version 2012- My xbox is also softmoded
It looks like the softmod we have, installed XMBC directly into the Dashboard
folder. Many of the tuts talk as if it was installed within a XMBC folder that
is held at the E:\Apps

Anyway, this is what I did.

FTP'd the Pimped verison to E:Apps ie (E:\Apps\XBMC\ {all files goe here})

Rebooted Xbox which goes to the default XBMC
Went to Programs and selected the XMBC program, which is the one you've
just FTP'd over to the E: drive. I did this so as that the version I was
trying to changes wasn't in use. ie. The default.xbe file in the dashboad.

Using the Shortcut method

I downloaded the 'XBMC Shortcut XBE' to my PC desktop and created a text file
called 'default.cfg'

In this text file I had the text 'E:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe'

I then renamed the 'default.xbe' file that was in the E:\Dashboard folder to

Then FTP'd the default.xbe (downloaded shortcut) and the 'default.cfg' file I
created to 'E:\Dashboard\

Rebooted the Xbox and there it is - Now running the Pimped version as default
that lives in the E:Apps\XBMC folder

Now whenever I need to update this, all I will do, is go to myfiles and run
the 'OLDdefault.xbe' dashboard, which will make the version in the XBMC folder
be not in use.

Your then able to delete the contents of the E:Apps\XBMC folder and replace
with whatever version you want. Reboot Xbox and there you have it.

Then you got a lot of scripts and plugins at, with
it's own installer (plugin) and then there's Nuka's SVN Repo Installer to
access There's a couple of other places,
you'll find them next.

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