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Setting up your own Underneath TV Media centre

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Setting up your own Underneath TV Media centre

Post  Admin on Wed 25 Apr - 12:24

What you need

Old or new pc with windows xp, windows 7
Media case of your choice or current case if your straped for cash
remote control these can be purchased of ebay for £10!
And last but not least download of XBMC! (google it current release is EDEN beta)

My setup
Atx Media Centre case Silver With 5.25" Bay FRONT USB and LCD display
AM3 Motherboard with AMD 4.0ghz Dual Core Processor
4 GB Memory DDR3
ATI DDR3 Pci Express HD Card HDMI
Liteon Burner Max DVD Writer
2TB Internal Sata Drive
Infared Remote
Windows 7 Home And Xbmc Installed Nothing else

What you can expect with your own media centre
Watch Live TV and record
View HD Content
Watch Movies And Tv Shows On Demand
View trailers,Youtube,facebook and twitter
Surf Internet
Check e-mails
Watch live Cable Usa And Uk!
Watch Users Channels
and much more!

Bascially you can use a exsisting old pc or build your own setup like myself i started out with just a basic sempron pc that was in my loft i saw the potential and decided to build a custom pc media centre

Now i dont bother with the blu-ray or TV! i use my media centre and decide what i wanna watch all from the comfort of my own couch!

Any questions then ask away im here to help

Happy Viewing!

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