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Xbox Softmod How To

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Xbox Softmod How To

Post  Admin on Mon 16 Jan - 3:12

Xbox Softmod - Save Game Exploit

The quickest and easiest way to modify an xbox is using a save game exploit. These are modified saved games that exploit buffer overflows in the save game handling

What You Need:


• A xbox with the latest dashboard --- You can update the dash using an Xbox live enabled game. Late release Xbox Game like Halo 2 NFS3 etc
•Splinter Cell --- Also possible with Mech Assualt and 007 Agent Under Fire (certain versions only!) Pm For more details
•Male Xbox Controller Port to Female Usb Adapter --- Can be bought on ebay
•A Compatible USB stick --- It will need to be formatted so don’t have anything important on it!
•A windows Pc with a USB port

•Extract Now (Or other archive extracting software)
•Easy Xbins
•Xplorer360 (Available on Xbins @ /XBOX 360/hdd tools/xplorer360/)


1.Open Up Xbins and navigate to /XBOX/Console Based Applications/exploits/_Packages/Krayzie Ndure Installer/ (NOTE: Xbins can take a while to connect

2.Download Krayzie_SC-PAL_Ndure_Installer_v1.1.rar and extract

3.Turn your xbox on with no game in it, and navigate to memory menu

4.Plug in your USB stick into the adapter and then plug that into the xbox

5.The Xbox should throw up a message saying “The memory unit is corrupted do you want to delete”, answer yes to this

6.Plug the USB stick out and plug it into your PC. Open up xplorer 360

7.Click “Drive”, then select “Open -> Harddrive or Memcard.”

8.Go to the "Krayzie" folder that was extracted earlier. Extract the file contained in "SC save1" and "SC save2". Drag the contents of "SC save2\udata\UDATA" and "SC save1\udata\UDATA" to the root of the memory card.

9.Exit out of Xplorer360 and plug out the memory stick

10.Plug the memory card back into the 1st controller port of the Xbox, go to memory on the MS dash and copy the files from the memory stick to the hard drive

11.Launch Splinter Cell and load the linux profile

12.Select backup eeprom, when that’s finished select back up eeprom the memory unit (NOTE: If you are replacing the hard drive of the xbox you can skip to 15. as you have the eeprom you need to prepare a new drive)

13.Click "Basic Install", select "UnleashX"

14.Turn it back on. Let it install shadow C

15.You have now successfully modded your Xbox! Take the memory stick and open it up with Xplorer360 as before and open "21585554/000000000000/eeprom". Drag the “eeprom.bin” file to your hard drive for safe keeping, if you want to upgrade/replace your hard drive you’ll need it.


Never delete the save files from your xbox hardrive! they enable you to re soft mod your xbox if anything goes wrong in the furure keep the exploit game disc i.e spilnter cell for future just in case.

You can also FTP into the xbox now check your xbox network settings under system management select correct IP address usually 192.168.1.x (x is any avaiable number from 1-255) You should now FTP to the xbox from your computer to that IP address, port 21 (default), username=xbox, password=xbox FTP upload the apps (unzipped) you want on your xbox e.g. XBMC, to the E:/Apps folder on your xbox hard drive. Run the XBOX apps from the application menu in your new dashboard.


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