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Setting up NEWCAMD ON MAXX 1000

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Setting up NEWCAMD ON MAXX 1000

Post  Admin on Sat 14 Jan - 14:42

Setting Up NewCamd On Maxx 1000
by Electrorad menu,go to internet press ok, go to newcamd press right to switch on
2.type in 9949 on your remote then press ok button
3.Newcamd page will be displayed option of 3 servers to be added! ok on first server then we will imput details to connect
5.input host address of server (actual server addy) using ok button to change and moving cursor around to select correct letters
after finished press exit do exactly the same thing and edit the username and password (make sure both are correct i.e case sensitive) if they are wrong you will not be able to connect to server! type in port number u have option of 2! so if there is 2 type them both in for example D+ port: 6067 Cyfra port 6068 you would put botht of them in
8.alot of newcamd paid servers have many ports for differnet packages just choose 6 that you want to use like myself and thats it! press exit and switch of box and back on again
10.Go to package D+ etc and the channel should clear!

make sure internet connection is turned off and newcamd on! doesent matter about proxy been on or off
when you want to view emulation channels like premier etc turn of newcamed otherwise wont clear when newcamd on

if u need help just post below!

If your software needs updating to enable newcamd please read below

#1. You will need a valid server, pay or other or valid test account
#2. Forget about s/w1.39.1, 1.40 etc. you need S/W 1.30.8
download eu version if living in eu(have tried this one ad I live in eu)
h**p://try and find one!!!
As nano/protek are the same(spade a spade) ,this s/w is suitable for nano,protek,maxx,starex etc.
#3. After you have downloaded s/w 1.30.8, unzip and place on desktop or other that is easily accessed.
#4. Using WEBLOADER, install s/w to stb.
#5. V VIP... download all channel data to pc before adding new s/w as you may need this later(i did) to put channel data back to stb.
#6. Press menu button and select Internet. Now turn OFF all settings, network connection, auto-update and proxy connection.
#7. Turn ON newcamd and press 9949 and the OK button.. this will open the newcamd server menu
#8. You will have 3 server options, all with 6 ports, this will give you a total of 18 ports
#9. After you have entered server details, exit all menus and re-boot by pressing red button on remote
#10.'TRY TO CONNECT TO NEWCAMD' should appear on screen.
#11. If you have a valid server, your selected channel will clear.
#12. If you need to use emu, you still can. You will need to turn newcamd OFF and everything else back ON
#13. Also c/s still works with s/w, but you will need b/t 1.33/1.34 and latest k 89

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