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E3 2010 Console Round Up Of News!

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E3 2010 Console Round Up Of News!

Post  Admin on Wed 23 Jun - 8:07

NIntendo 3DS announced! play 3d games and watch 3d movies and best of all you dont need to wear them stupid 3d specs! Porn in 3D ACE!

Xbox Project Natal Microsofts motion sensor control unit officially renamed to Kinect! which will go on sale in november price yet to be confirmed! At the E3 show Microsoft showed of there newest star wars game among others using the new motion sensor device to control the game instead of the boring joypad! the action inc darth vader twatting stromtroopers! went down very well and videos are available on internet.

Need for speeds: Hot Pursuit announced back to the cops vs racers formula and backed by the creators of burnout criterion should be a hell of a game! loved the orignal hot pursuit games on playstation loved out doing the police cars and wrecking the hell out of them!

Playstation 3 revealed its motion sensor controller simply titled MOVE (that must have taken days to think of!) will be released first in uk and europe on 17th september (ahh yeah) we get to play with it first then 19th september in USA and japan on 25th spetember price will be £49.99 for the full pack including starter games pack and also sony eye camera. It will also be available to buy seperate if you already have the Camera mabob

Gran Turismo 5 Release date November 2nd In USA europe date hopefully after that! im all wet thinking about this release!

Gears of war 3 demo was on show the game as 4 player co-op mode aswell has enemies which can sprout tentacles and blast out massive enemy beams Just like a friday night on the town then eh?

Goldeneye on Nintendo Wii announced like the old N64 Shoot em up! wicked! i will be 12 years old again Singing...goldfinger! i mean goldeneye blah blah blah Razz

X-Box 360 slim console £199 in uk released on 16th July a smaller,quiet and lighter version of the x-box 360 and probably the last update before the bring a new x-box out in the future perhaps?? ideal for the car init brother! can fit it in the gloove compartment brother Very Happy

Also on X-Box 360 front due to the new slim console the elite console as been slashed by $50 in US and will be happening in uk also so expect a cut on elite system which are curretly selling for £199 in uk stores

Metal Gear:Rising trailer soon and main character will be Raiden not the usal snake people! the game will be all about the sword play and the main character will focus on his acrobatics in order to evade detection mmm.

The New Medal Of Honour (Beta) release date according to EA Games will be 15th of october in europe and of course a early release for USA on the 12th october why!! the multiplayer Beta will go live on 21st June!

Nintendo's new Zelda game Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword the title refers to how the player can hold the Wii remote up in the air to charge there sword with energy bolts! if you already dont look a total git on Wii Fit you your neighbours will think you have finally lost it now! screaming out I HAVE THE POWER!!!

Halo: reached Campaign mode shown Bungie offered a sneak peak of campaign mode for Halo and showed a epic battle betweek spartans and elite's.

Portal 2 announced for Playstation 3 Razz

Nintendo has confirmed that Metroid the monsters-in-space shooter will be out on 31 August in the States. We await a UK release date with interest and fully expect it to be 3 September. Why dont they mae a monsters in a supermarket game? or monsters at the theme park??

Sony is set to launch Playstation Plus a online paid subscription service offering beta games,full games available to play online and news and reviews and discounts on games Playstation Live will still remain free to use!.

Michael jackson:The Game was revealed from Ubisoft the games developer said that that the games gives the player the chance to step into the late singers shoes and sing and dance and relive the singers iconic performances should be great game for my grandad then!

Also Ubisoft revealed children of eden game by Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Mizuguchi is the brains behind the likes of Rez, Lumines and Ninety-Nine Nights games the game when released will be compatible with the Playstation Move and Microsoft Kinect. Marvellous

rest of release dates

PlayStation Plus - launches 29 June
Castlevania: Lord of Shadows - out this autumn
LittleBigPlanet 2 - out in November
Gran Turismo 5 - out 2 November
Fable 3 - out 26 October
Xbox Kinect - out 4 November
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - out 16 November
Killzone 3 - out February 2011
PlayStation Move - released 17 September
Metroid: Other M - out 31 August

Info sourced from msn cause i coudlent afford to travel there and buy a ticket!




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