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Overheating problems and system crashes guide

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Overheating problems and system crashes guide

Post  Admin on Fri 18 Jun - 2:18

My expertise before i start i have been working with computers for the last 20 years from the dragon 64/commodore 64 computers to the amiga computers to the first Pc computers with windows 3.1! and on to the latest quad core pc's had them all seen them all fixed them all!

In the past couple of months i have had many issues of overheating pc's and also crashing at this time of year with the weather been so hot well at least some of the time pc's generally get too hot and have to bascially shut down or crash. After talking to people with simliar problems well Today im going to talk about my experience with these problems and what to do to rectify them! ok lets start with overheating problems first.

Overheating Problems

Had many computers in the past and recently that have had a issue with trying to stay cool and overheating the computer is like a human being if it gets to hot it tends to shut down/run slow or crash and needs cooling!. The most common fault is the cpu getting too hot. 2 computer's i fixed recently had this exact problem the first was that the cpu fan itself was broken and there was little thermal paste on the heatsink so the cpu was getting very hot! luckilythe cpu had survived and nothing was damaged so the remedy to fix was a new heatsink and fan and new thermal paste this set me back about £10 for a cheap one but if you want you can opt for a zalman cpu cooler which are very good these range from 30-60 pounds and some have variable fan adjusment and some automatic 4 pin connection or any other fan and heatsink on the market theres are many to choose from. The heatsink and fan were bought for a pentium socket 775 cpu and was a 5 min install i also at the same time purchased a case fan as the pci-express graphics that was installed had just a heatsink on board and this would provide more cooling in the case for the other components. Once the new heat sink and fan were fitted and case fan and new thermal paste aplied to the bottom of the heatsink and cpu no longer did the gentlemen i fixed the computer for have to leave the side of his pc case to cool down and no more crashing!. I used the pc bios to check temperatures but there are software avaiable to check temperatures of cpu and graphics etc which are also good for indication and have used these before also which are good.

The old motherboard fans used to have a 3 pin connection but from the socket 775 and up to the new core duo and quad chips they now have a 4 pin conection the added pin being what is called PWM and is basically a pulse connection that lets the motherboard control the voltage to the fan to keep the fan slow in normal tasks like word processing and high increase in fan speed in high tasks like gaming and video editing etc however even if the fan connection is 3 pin it will still work on a 4 pin motherboard connection but you wont have the control the fan will run at max RPM so its worth noting this when buying a new fan and heatsink.

Another common problem i have encounted is dust build up on the heatsink over time this can get clogged up with dust and stop the cpu getting cooled by the fan which can lead to pc crashing because the cpu cannot breath its like somebody suffercating you you cant get any air! and the cpu lets the motherbaord know this and shuts down before damage occurs to the cpu. The ideal temperature you are looking for for your cpu depends on which type you have you can do a search on The Intel Or Amd websites and these will give u a guide of ideal temps and also max temps for operation some people say the cooler the cpu the better the pc will run others say the warmer the cpu the better it will run and vice versa i infact say the best temp is in between as its most comfortable neither cooler or higher dosent matter aslong as it dosent get to hot or cold!

Ok on to system freezes and system crashes.

System crashes

If the above has been rectified and is still crashing or even freezing the next things to check is the memory! I had a pc recently the ddr-2 memory stick was broken to put it politely! so the pc would run for 20-30 mins then when any heavy tasks like playing music or video etc were done the pc would simply freeze solid and only thing that could be done was to switch it off at the plug not recomended by the way! so a swap of the memory stick for the new one and all was fine again you can get software that will check your memory however i just took the first stick out run the pc and if still did it put that one back in and took the other out etc and it was then fine so i had pin pointed the problem stick with testing them individually.

Another reason can be windows corrupt files and or hardware/software problems like a recently installed wireless card, new graphics card or other device the best thing to do is if its something you have installed either new hardware or software try un-installing it and see if it carries on if not then you have diagnosed what it is! then try to get new updated software for it. If you suspect its windows thats at fault isntead of taking starting again and re-installing windows like alot of pc technicains tell you to do if you have system restore turned on which is always a good thing to have or on the new windows 7 backup restore try restoring to a previous point and see if that does the trick. If not scan the system and program files for any errors using the disk scan utilty and if a window pops up with a warning saying unexpected operation or whatever write this down and do a search on google there will be people with similar problems and you will get a answer from somebody that has already replied to them if not post on our forum and we can help! You will generally find with windows error messages most you think i should have know that it was that!

Anyway i tend to find that after a while windows needs a re-install was like this on windows xp to backup your personal files and start a fresh. On current windows 7 as yet left it as is time will tell to see if it gets clogged up and if it goes haywire!

Any problems post on the forum this is why we are here!

thanks for now


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