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Do you remember the morgans? Review

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Do you remember the morgans? Review

Post  Admin on Fri 28 May - 4:35

So last night watched the film Do you remember the morgans? staring sarah jessica parker and hugh grant now usually im not keen on hugh grant films and thought seeing sarah in something other then sex and the city would be weired.

For the first 10 mins i was wondering should i leave the wife watching it and play on the x-box or poke my eyes with cock tail sticks but you know what i persisted and i really enjoyed the film! it was funny,witty and smart and a all-round good flick.

The film is about sarah and hugh who live in new york city and who have been married and now are seperated living seperate because hugh grant had a affrair with another woman! they both run there own companys and decide to try and re-kindle there marriage by going to dinner but they end up arguing and instead of taking there cars after dinner they decide to walk together to try to talk.

However they stubble upon a murder scence and the murderer sees them and trys to shoot them but they manage to flee. However the killer wont stop till there both dead so the FBI have to put them into witness protection this is where the fun starts! and they get placed in protection in Wyoming being protected by deputy sam elliot and mary steenburgen.

And these die-hard city dwellers will have to survive the weather,bears and fresh air and forced time together without any work commitments or engagements if they want to make it out alive!

Overall i really enjoyed this film

8 out of 10

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