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Kill The Irishman Review

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Kill The Irishman Review

Post  Admin on Tue 11 Sep - 12:03

It Was sunday a releaxing day in front of the TV scrooling through films on Apple Tv 2! What to watch! i came across a film called "kill the Irishman" a film i enjoyed so much i had to watch it again for a 2nd time with the wife who dident want me to put it on at all! i said "give it a chance if you dont like what you see after 10 mins then i will sack it. Well after 20 mins i asked "you want a drink?" i got no answer! she was emersed in the film.
And she wasent wrong this for me was one of them lets just play it expecting it to be crap i was hooked after first few mins and enjoyed the film right to the end for me was a surprise hit i had never even heard ofthis film!
If you like true story type gangster type films with abit of violence thrown in for good measure and a good guy character then this is a film for you!
One i will be watching again

overall 5 out of 5!

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